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Design and Development of Projects for the Production of Steel Wheels

Our Know-How is the design and development of projects for the production of steel wheels for the automotive sector. We start from the preliminary analysis and simulation of the process, going through to the complete design of the tools, manufacturing and assembly processes, tryouts and final adjustments. All of this thanks to the wide experience of our technical department and our extensive network of suppliers and collaborators.

We develop international projects for Drop Center, Full Face and Semi Full Face, High Vent (competitors of aluminium wheels), as well as for Truck, Tractors, Trailers, Caravans among others.

  •  We offer global technical consulting services.
    • Based on the requirements and needs of each customer, we are able to define the most feasible and optimal disc processes.
    • We maintain an efficient communication with our customer at all times.
    • We provide technical support and follow-up during the tryouts and start-up of production. We travel to the customer facilities if required.
  • We are specialists in Multi-Piercing and Multi-Coining of vent holes tools, disc flange stretching & disc flange calibration processes, as well as other special tools.
  • We have extensive experience in Advanced High Resistance Steels (AHSS) with thickness between 3mm and 6mm.
  • Tools for the production of the rim.
  • Tools for assembling process of rim and disc.
  • All our projects have been produced for wheel manufacturers worldwide. We have an extensive experience with customers in Europe, Asia and America.
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